Cancun, The Maya and Mars

JBPG has been tapped to book and produce Jay Leno from the Tonight Show and the internationally acclaimed Foreigner for the 60th anniversary of a major California corporation and an audience of 3400 at the acclaimed Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles – home to the Academy Awards. If you want to book a comedian of Jay’s stature give us a buzz as your entertainment booking.

JAY LENO - In his 17th season, Jay continues to blaze his own comic trail continuing the legacy of Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson. The "Tonight Show" won Emmy's in 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1999. The program has also proven to be a barometer of political clout. In 2000, the Los Angeles Times noted that "the road to the White House apparently leads through Burbank," for presidential candidates.

FOREIGNER - 50 million albums including chart topping smash hits such as "Feels Like the First Time", "Cold as Ice", "Hot Blooded", "Juke Box Hero", "Waiting for a Girl Like You" and dozens more megahits. Foreigner is legend for their sheer musical power and blustery blues as evidenced by their performances which have been presented around the world to millions of fans.


JBPG was honored to produce 4 major events in Cancun for a Fortune 100 firm featuring the nation’s #1 all star band, The World Classic Rockers.  Over 6500 people roared, partied and danced for 2 hours each night to former founding members of Toto, Foreigner, Santana, Steppenwolf and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  The events were played like a rock concert in the Hollywood Bowl.  These series of shows were the most successful in our entire 30 year history as a producer.  Kudos to The Rockers!  www.wcr.com.


The Definitive Source – Astronaut Space Archive is intended to be a one-site destination for first hand video accounts of astronauts and key personnel of space exploration including the thoughts of the 45 astronauts that gave the world the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. Interview segments will run anywhere from 2 seconds to 4 hours unlike existing archived interviews that last only a few minutes. Crisp, color-saturated, life-like imagery by utilizing High Definition Digital as opposed to the traditional video technology used by other interview sources.   

Superior Entertainment & Education Applications - Producers can preview and license material in minutes as opposed to filing a request for footage, waiting time and receiving content that has not been previewed. The comprehensive archive can source whole semesters of thematic space curriculum in a format that can be used by many classrooms simultaneously.  B roll footage of social, political and historical footage will accompany each interview to create an entertaining yet educational experience for people of all ages.

Comprehensive Search Index - Everything from "moon boots" to "most profound realizations" will be logged, capsulated and indexed for easy subject searches. No other archives index by search subjects. Huge Potential

Market - The potential market of 360 million computer users worldwide viewing the Astronaut Space Archive Online overshadows the limited number of people who now review space archive materials at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. or at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, or would order video through the mail.