When it comes right down to it, there is no elemental nor fundamental difference between Florentine sculptor Pompeo Coppini and his masterpiece “Victims of the Galveston Flood” (10 feet tall – San Antonio 1904) and Michelangelo’s “David” (17 feet tall – Florence 1504) other than 400 years but who’s counting.  They are both powerful works of the sculpting art of geniuses. The statues were both conceived and guided with more than a little divine intervention. They are both towering symbols of their times.  Both are monuments to the classical figurative art form with its origin in the Renaissance period.  The “David” heroic has drawn millions of patrons. The Victims heroic was roundly touted at the St. Louis World’s Fair of 1904 and some portion of the millions who attended the event.  Both statues, were and  are, the source of incalculable national pride for their respective countries.  The “David” is an emblem that is immediately recognized around the world as “Italy”.  The “Victims” heroic can, once again, become an emblem of Texas as a symbol of the Storm of 1900, both in terms of staggering tragedy and herculean triumph. Italy had the Medici art patrons. Who will be our Medici.



The “Victims” heroic is not just a statue in the same way that Notre Dame Cathedral is not just a church.  Notre Dame is considered the “Soul of France”.  In the same way, The “Victims of the Galveston Flood” represents the very “Soul of Galveston”.  It will be our task, all of us, to capture the mystique and mystery of Coppini’s gift which will manifest in a new tourism magnet representing the very best of what it is to be human.



“I lost my breath the very first time I saw a tiny image of the “Victims of the Galveston Flood” on my iPhone so visceral was the effect on me at the hand of Coppini reaching back from across the decades.  It is my goal to hire a world class sculpting studio with decades of proven monumental work to perfect Coppini’s heroic statue so that Galvestonians and art lovers can feel the pathos and joy of the mother and her two children.”.


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