New Coppini Project Team: Texas Based Art Firms

Morning, Clint! Based on our recent conversation re: your offer in support of the Coppini Project, I have a few ideas about how we can position the official “The Lost Coppini Statue Project” to show that our all-encompassing and expansive project merits widespread support:


  • It is the team’s intention to precisely re-create Coppini’s original masterpiece of “Victims of the Galveston Flood” heroic statue at 10 feet tall in bronze.


  • The Lost Coppini Statue Project will perfect Coppini’s 1904 design using state of the 3D scanning techniques, digital artists and a new bronzing technique per your thoughts.


  • Coppini chose to create heroic characters at 10 feet tall in the form of a young mother, her infant and her daughter, to capture the power and pathos of the 8661 real victims of the Galveston Storm of 1900.  Nothing less than a heroic treatment will be envisioned and embraced.


  • An elaborate water feature setting will be created around the “Victims of the Galveston Flood” statue to reinforce the ocean and flood aspect of the sculpture with reliefs a la the spirit of the Trevi Fountain in Rome.  It is my belief that the water setting is as important as the statue itself to impact the general public as they make their way to the Storm of 1900 monument.


  • A national public relations campaign will be launched using traditional media and the artist’s 60,000 followers on social media to create a mystique for the Victims heroic and its historical odyssey alongside the history of the Storm of 1900 which remains the single deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history


  • A documentary film via Texas firm Frame by Frame will be created featuring a step by step process of creating a clay master, 3D scan, digital enhancement, 3D printing in 35 sections and a new, bronze technique – a union of ancient process and cutting edge technology. Video downloads available for project patrons.


  • A potential book documenting Coppini’s life, work and career alongside the history of the “Victims of the Galveston Flood” heroic.


  • Possible art in the schools module to give children an up close and personal demonstration of how an artist creates a sculpture.


  • An appropriate high foot traffic site in the Strand area will be chosen in a harmonious manner via the direction and assistance of the City of Galveston and Galveston museum and art institutions. Approximate footprint is 10,000 to 15,000 square feet. The ultimate design of the water feature will dictate the size of the site.


  • Team members will include Coppini project creator/producer John Bernardoni, Clint Howard of Deep in the Heart Art Foundry, Shiflett Brothers sculptors, Fountain People and Greg Phelps of Frame by Frame film company – all Texas based companies.


Please let me know what you all think about this. Your feedback is important to the project going forward. When will we have a brainstorming meeting with the key players?


Best wishes. John


John Bernardoni, Executive Producer

John Bernardoni Production Group




American Statesman1 - 7.7.2017