Galveston Island: Cellular Memory Trauma Alive 119 Years after The Storm of 1900

The scientific and psychological concept of “cellular memory” has been garnering true believers over the past decade and longer. “Have you ever experience deja vu? A feeling that something is repeating itself or that you’ve done before even when you know you haven’t? The recall that our cells have includes emotions and experiences which we may never have experienced. This helps give us a sense of belonging most of the time, but it can also create a feeling of unease because the place or sense that is being triggered may have no conscious connection. Since we don’t consciously remember past lives or memories that may be connected to our DNA, there is no easily explainable reason for this feeling.” The Lost Coppini Statue Project believes that an island wide trauma phenomenon, based on the cataclysmic event of the Storm of 1900 in Galveston Texas and the over 8000 souls who drowned in that storm, is still an ongoing trauma in the same way PTSD can move, genetically, from our relatives. See the link below titled “CELLULAR MEMORY”. This is right in “60 Minutes” wheelhouse.