Galveston Hurricane Kills Over 8000: September 8, 1900

This September 8, 2019 will mark the 119th anniversary of the Galveston Storm of 1900 in which over 8000 souls drowned in the single deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history.  Thousands more died inland. Giovanni Carlo Bernardoni, an Italian immigrant from Bientina, Italy near Pisa, died trying to save another family after securing his wife and two baby children to higher ground.  His great grandson, John Michael Bernardoni, is a well known preservationist and historian of the storm which caught Galveston’s 35,000 citizens completely unawares with category 4 hurricane winds of well over 100 mph. The blistering wind was so powerful it literally ripped people’s clothes from their bodies.  Within the first few days after the storm finally relented traveling inland, Galveston’s shell shocked islanders began a task of mind numbing scope to resurrect the historic island community from the cyclonic cataclysm of the Storm of 1900.  A seawall was constructed at 17 feet high and the city was raised by 15 feet above its pre-storm 5 feet above sea level.  Stay tuned for more Storm of 1900 stories.


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