Deep In The Heart Art Foundry Comes to Victims Statue Rescue



John, I am sorry this has happened. I have been working on a possible solution to this project before this all happened.

I have an idea not only to fund the sculpture, but create the entire vision of fountain and reliefs in the process.   I have been talking with the Shiflett Brothers, and Greg Phelps of Frame By Frame and we had come up with an Idea we wanted to run by you before this all happened.


We are all really excited not only in the project, but in the possibility to share the process on social media in the process. The Shiflett Brothers have about 60,000 followers on Instagram and about 26,000 on Facebook.   The plan we wanted to discuss with you was as follows.



  • a 3-4 foot exact copy of the Coppini piece- would be sculpted by the Shiflett Brothers
  • The piece would be 3D scanned at the highest resolution available
  • The digital model would be refined prior to printing
  • The piece would be printed in a directly castable material on a Voxel Jet Printer
  • The piece would be cast in silicone bronze and patinaed.
  • The fountain and 2-3 additional reliefs would be designed by the Shiflett Brothers as their homage to Coppini’s work and the flood. (we have worked with the Fountain People for years- we can ensure that the fountain is designed correctly)

How and why

  • The project would be set up on Kick Starter at somewhere around $500,000 to 1,000,000 ask – TBD- this may not fund it all but could be a huge part of it.
  • We market it as the union of ancient process and cutting edge technology.
  • We cover the entire process on social media and “ special donation access content” for the entire creation process – from sculpting, scanning, printing, casting patina, installation, site development, engineering and install.  With how to sections
  • We have auxiliary product options
    • Maquette availability – 3-4 foot
    • Mini versions 9”
    • Videos
    • Possible book deals – the art foundry process has not been fully documented in text in about 50 years- this is a golden opportunity to create the how to book for the next 50 years embracing technology spanning the last 5000 years
    • Possible documentary of the entire process – Greg and Frame by Frame are totally able to do this- what a cool discovery channel or Netflix deal could this be?


Greg and I have worked together for years and he has not only helped market and fund raze on this level but has also produced and shot documentaries on project of this scope with us in the past.


I have designed and project managed- projects of this size in the past and am more than confident that between the Shifflett’s, Greg and Myself we could make something really amazing happen with your concept. I know that you have had the rug pulled out form under your feet on this and I know that now is not necessarily the best time, but we all just felt that there was such potential here that we thought we should at least put it out there.


Let me know your thoughts once you have had time to process.


Wishing you happy holidays


  Clint Howard

President / Owner


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