$100,000 Challenge Grant Given – Lost Coppini Statue Project

July 10, 2019 


The Lost Coppini Statue Project has recently received a challenge grant pledge of $100,000 from a prominent anonymous Texas family whose own family survived the Storm of 1900.  The challenge grant is to be used as seed money to kick start the re-creation of  Pompeo Coppini’s 1904 masterpiece “Victims of the Galveston Flood” heroic statue in bronze at 10 feet tall. Coppini created the heroic statue to commemorate the over 8000 who drowned in the Storm of 1900. The original plaster paris statue, donated by Coppini in 1914, vanished from the University of Texas campus in the early 1920’s. The challenge grant endeavors to attract other similar grants to fund the statue’s project goal of $500,000. Once completed, the statue will be donated to the City of Galveston and the citizens of Texas. A site to be determined and site related elements will be budgeted separately”.  For more information contact:



John Bernardoni

Project Manager

The Lost Coppini Statue Project






Coppini-Victims SharperCropped - Baylor